Who pays you?
We are paid by the party who requested the auction, that is, the host..

What is your fee?
This is determined by the type of auction.

When are the auction dates and times?
Auctions are held on business days and expected times are between 8:00am and 4:00pm.

How long does it take from contacting you to having an auction?
This depends on the holder of the auction. If the number of participants is given to us and they are available for the auction, an auction can be held within one hour.

Is there some way that we could verify the results?
A copy of the auction activity is available to the auction host.

Can the auction host monitor the auction as it happens?
Yes. Arrangement can be made for the host to view the auction as it happens.

What if my computer stops working so I can’t bid anymore?
The participant will no longer be able to take part.

Is there a process on how to choose the winners (time then amount)?
The ranking is determined by the best dollar value. However, if two bidders enter the same value, the priority will be the first to enter it.

After the auction starts, how do I go from the opening or home page to the next page?
When the auction starts, the colour of the name changes from black to blue. Click on the blue name to go to the Bid Page.

How do I enter a bid?
When on the Bid Page, go to the amount and enter the amount bidded. This could just be the number “1” if it is a single bid auction. The bid amount is then entered. (There is no need to enter cents.) Press enter. You are then asked to confirm the bid information. If this is good, then you are directed to the Bidder Details Page.

What happens on this page?
This page shows the status of the bids. This page only shows the top three (3) bids so if your bid is not there, then perhaps the bid needs to be changed.

How do I change bids?
There are three (3) ways to change the bid. First, click on the BACK button which takes you back to the Bid Page. Or, you can click the back arrow which will do the same. Finally, you could also enter the HOME page and start the whole process over.

What happens if the auction cannot be completed?
If the auction cannot be completed by, for example, a system stoppage, the auction will be repeated at another time to be determined.

What happens if the winner of the auction does not follow through with the bid?
This will be an issue to be dealt with by the auction host.